Plants and machines for industrial automation



From the single machine to the turnkey system

Italian Robot designs and manufactures automated systems since 1981.
Innovative technological solutions, reliability, simplicity of use e safety, are the characteristics that, with competence and professionalism, make the Italiana Robot the ideal partner for every type of automation.
Italiana Robot is able to offer a wide range of automatic systems thanks to the use of modular components that, respecting the specifications constructive of the major European companies, guarantee a safe choice over time.
The flexibility of our lines allows us to integrate vision systems, scanners, labellers, scales, band pallets, guided wire, dimensional checks, quality controls, metal detector ...
Continuous research and development of new ones components and new technologies allowed us to further increase by more the performances and the reliability and at the same time decrease the maintenance work now limited to greasing only.
The use of industrial computers and supervision software make easy to use even the most complex lines thanks to a self-diagnosis in clear which promptly informs the user on system status.
Parametric software allows a simple e fast programming eliminating the long times and risks of self-learning programming.
The real resource of the Italian Robot is forty years experience in facing and solving problems in a simple and rational way and it is thanks to this experience that we can advise the customer on the technical solution better so that in the end it can be fully satisfied.
All these factors contribute to making Italiana Robot the ideal choice for every industrial automation requirement!

Palletization and depalletization

Immediately the Italian robot dedicated itself to the palletizing (and depalletizing) lines of boxes, bags, drums, buckets, rolls, batteries, cones and many other products. The first parametric SW, born to create in a few minutes a new palletizing scheme, was implemented back in 1987 to arrive at the current version of WinBox. We have created lines with Cartesian robots with a single pallet station up to those with over 40 bays, with pallets on the ground or with an automatic pallet change line via transporters, shuttles and AGVs.


Lines for stretch film

After almost 20 years from the first plant for the palletization of stretch film rolls, plant still functioning, the Italian Robot has gained a great deal of experience in palletizing, in canning and handling of various products (rolls, boxes, cardboard cores ...).
We collaborate directly or indirectly with the main manufacturers as well as with end customers.


Loading/unloading machine tools

Our founder, Brignoli Severino, worked for many years at Canavese lathes dealing with those that at the time were called 'automatic loaders'. Our first applications were precisely in the mechanical sector and more precisely for loading and unloading of machine tools. The Italian company Robot therefore has a long experience in this sector and has created hundreds of islands both with Cartesian robots and with anthropomorphic robots in addition to special machines made according to specific customer requirements.


Lines for textile sector

In the textile sector we have developed different robotized islands for the handling of bobbins, for direct palletization on pallets or on trolleys in addition to boxing and the next banking of boxes.



Universal Robots


Vision system  ortal

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